Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

I want to wish all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Simplicity With Some Unusual Results

Foam Body Bee
Last week I posted a fly that featured a unique hook. It featured an up-turned eye. In my attempt to purchase some of these to replace my dwindling stock. My search came up empty. My final search was with E-bay and I came up with a seller. I placed my order and received them Saturday along with a bag of goodies that were given to me at no charge. One of the goodies was a bumble bee body made of foam. I went and tied up one and placed it in the fly box.

With the hooks I tied up a couple of flies featuring Pearsall's silk thread and natural Fox Squirrel fur...these flies are the epitome of simplicity.

This fly has a Pearsall's silk body, the color is a rust-brown, and natural fox squirrel belly hair for a thorax. The movement in the fur also works for legs-wing as an emerger.

This fly features Pearsall's maroon-claret silk thread body. The thorax is natural fox squirrel body hair. These flies produce a lot of movement which produces strikes. The one issue with fox squirrel is that it's tough to work with. If you try to work it to much it will become a glob of hair instead of a spiky buggy looking fly.

I took the three flies out for a couple of hours on Sunday and had a pretty good day. While all three flies produced fine results the bee really surprised me. The brookies hit it hard...bee patterns in late November.

Bill Skilton features these foam bodies and the ant patterns are killers......thanks Bill.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

November Days

These November days can be a tad different, talk about temperature swings. One day it's in the 50's and the next it's the high 30's and the next it's windy and cloudy. Given the chance to go fishing I take it and well the weather will not change for me so what the heck why not go. The streams at this time of year are usually in fine shape and offer some great fishing at certain times. Fly choices are narrowed down and you can fish top, middle or bottom, it's pretty much like that year round so why are the fly choices narrowed down. What I mean is you can choose pretty much the same dry fly all day, or the same wet fly and if you like use the same nymph. Is this my method of fishing November waters "no" but you could.

I like to change flies and types from time to time just to see if a sulphur parachute will work in November as well as it does in June. Perhaps a Partridge and Blue may turn a fish on, and a Mickey Finn this is a must try bucktail in November.

A beautiful brookie from a clear pool.

Several trout were observed in the tail of this run. I spooked them and the vanished up under the bank or the roots. I continued to fish further upstream for awhile and on the way back I approached this run from above. The fly drifted and a fish swirled.


Another November issue is ice. It's not everywhere but you had best beware of it.

Saw this little fella the other day. Don't know what he is but I guessed he should not have been where I saw him.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Some Work From My Desk

Good morning. A bright picture to start the day, along with my second cup of rich coffee and I'm ready to type. A good frame of mind is necessary to do this and all the help I can get as well as what medium I get it from helps. A few flies here, the first couple of them were tied with CDC. I never tried fishing them but they looked good on the vise.

The CDC spider. This one tied on a curved hook.

Another CDC fly...looks like it might be eaten.

These next two spiders are tied on some pretty cool looking hooks. They are Mustad 94842, they feature an up-turned eye. This one has a mole dubbed thorax and a very nice feather for it's hackle. The feather is from a partridge and is located on the shoulder.

This fly also tied on the up-turned eye hook. It features a sparse dubbed body of natural mole and another feather from the partridge shoulder.

Fumbling through Smiths' book North Country Flies I found this fly. Most of the materials I can't get but from the description I think it looked like this. I fished this the other day and it was working well until a tree ate it.